Roy van Eijndhoven

Software Engineer & Game Developer

Hi, my name is Roy van Eijndhoven and I am a Software Engineer with a passion for games.

What started with repairing computers and developing simple HTML pages grew to what I do today, developing software and games. I love to work on my own projects in my spare time, developing tools for myself or games for everyone to enjoy.

You can check out most of my work in the portfolio section down below.

Work Experiences

Hulan Studio

Game Developer
February 2016 - Present

Developing educational games, mainly focussing on the development of Mabo City. Mabo City is a MMO in which players learn through educational minigames.


Game Developer
September 2014 - February 2015

Developing various gameplay components for the game Herald, mainly focussing on the ingame Journal. Working with the Lead Developer in a multidisciplinary team.


Game Design & Technology

Fontys University of Applied Sciences
1 Year Minor

Software-Engineering, HBO

Fontys University of Applied Sciences
2012 - 2016

ICT-Beheerder, MBO Niv. 4

ROC Eindhoven (Summa College)
2008 - 2012

Professional Skills

Top Skills



Advanced, 4 years
Worked with C# for most of my carreer, it was the first programming language I learned at Fontys University for Applied Sciences.


Advanced, 3 years
Unity3D has been a great tool for prototyping and developing games during my Game Design and Technology Minor.


Pre-Advanced, 3 years
Have been developing with Java for multiple years during my study at Fontys University for Applied Sciences.

Other Skills

Agile Methodology Scrum UML English



Mabo City

A small MMO in which players learn through playing educational minigames about communication, reading and writing.
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Competition Manager

A management tool developed to assist in managing competitions. Keeps track of teams, matches and scores.
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An interactive period drama set during the 19th century. It plays as a mix between an adventure game and a visual novel.
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Get in Touch

I'm always looking for new and interesting challenges, so don't hesitate and contact me. Wether it may be for freelance work or collaboration, a juicy job offer or just a nice chat. I'm open for anything.

I can help with the following:

  • Development of Software
  • Mobile App Development
  • Game Design and Development

Drop me a line at or call me at +31 6 3030 5582.